Our History

Ray Byford started Byford Machine-Tool, Inc. as a small machine shop in Waco, Texas in 1956. Over the years the reputation of the company has always been ‘quality and service.’ Though it has changed hands over the years, each set of owners has built upon the foundation laid by Mr. Byford and his original partners.

In 1964 the company moved out to its present location on State Highway 6 between the towns of Valley Mills and Clifton. The property was an old oil pumping station that was vacant and available for lease at the time.

In 1989 a new office building was constructed followed by a new modern shop facility in 1990. A new addition to the shop was later added in 1997, completing the present day facility.

Over the years the shop has evolved from fabrication, stamping, and conventional machining to more CNC mill and lathe production work.

Byford Machine prides itself on its customer service and quality today, just as it did in the beginning.